Choosing The Right Necklace Length

Buying a new necklace can be a bit complicated sometimes especially when your chain of choice has a length you never wore before, or if it comes with a pendant. With our easy to understand guide, you will have no problems in future necklace purchases.

General Information About Necklaces

There are five different standard necklace chain lengths for women, and four for men. For women, the standard length ranges from 14 to 22” or 35 to 56cm if you live in the metric world. Men's standard length goes from 18 to 24” or 46 to 60cm.

Our tip: Whenever you have the chance to try on a necklace in real life, take it! The best online guides can never be precise enough to match your body type and your neck. But, if you are buying online make sure the shop has a generous return policy.

Necklace Chain Lengths for Women

Here is a summary of all five standard lengths and three additional sizes including their fit description:

14" / 35cm Necklace (Choker Length)

Wraps closely around your neck - fits like a choker

16” / 40cm Necklace (Choker Length)

Falls perfectly above the collarbones and emphasizes the neckline. On a plus size women, it might fit more like a choker.

18” / 46cm Necklace (Princess Length)

A common choice for women that will fall just over collarbones the collarbone. This length is popular when adding a pendant.

20” / 50cm Necklace

Will fall just below the collarbone to allow a little more breathing room. Perfect if you want to wear it over a thicker sweater.

22” / 56cm Necklace

This chain falls at or just above the neckline

24” / 60cm Necklace (Opera Length)

A more dramatic chain length that falls below any neckline.

36” / 91cm Necklace

This chain will hang below the bosom. Ideal for combinations with shorter necklaces, such as the 30” and/or 24” to form a double or triple necklace.

Women's Necklace Size Graphic
Women's necklace lengths measured in inches

Necklace Chain Lengths for Men

These are the four standard sizes for average men:

18” / 46cm Necklace

Ideal for smaller neck sizes. Falls just around the base of the neck.

20” / 50cm Necklace

The most common length for men. Falls right at the collarbone. Pendants will hide under a crew neck or show completely with a v-neck shirt.

22” / 56cm Necklace

Falls closely below the collarbone and can be worn over or under a shirt. This is also a common length for men’s chains.

24” / 60cm Necklace

The extra-long chain that reaches just above the sternum. Men commonly use these necklaces in combination with religious or meaningful pendants.

Necklace lengths for men
Necklace lengths for men

Necklaces & Pendants As Gifts

For a special occasion like a birthday or your first wedding anniversary, a solitaire pendant featuring a pearl or diamond is a perfect gift. She'll remember the occasion every time she wears the necklace. If it's a gift for a fun occasion, like a promotion, consider a pendant featuring a 14k or 18k gold, platinum, or sterling silver design - these are classic fashion pieces. If you are buying a necklace gift for a man, consider buying a thicker type like a Cuban link chain or a diamond cut square frame chain.

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