What is a pave setting? All about pave rings & more

What is a pave setting?

Pavé is a type of setting where a lot of small gemstones, are attached on a piece of jewelry, to compliment a much bigger center stone. Round diamonds are commonly used for pavé setting types but theoretically, it is possible to put any gemstone in this kind of setting. 

The word pavé (pronounced “pa-vey”) originates from the French word “to pave” as in paved with diamonds. The metal prongs used to hold the little gemstones in place are barely visible to the naked eye, giving the effect of a gemstone “paved” surface area. These side-stones are usually quite small weighing less than 0,02 carats. Stones smaller than 0,01ct are often called micro-pavé.

Pavé Diamond Ring
Pavé Diamond Ring

Pave engagement rings

Engagement rings with a pavé setting are quite trendy these days because they provide an extra layer of sparkle to a ring. This is especially helpful when using either a smaller center stone or one with a lower clarity level. That way one can save some money despite the engagement ring having 20, 30 or even more diamonds. In our comprehensive diamond buyers guide, we explained why many smaller diamonds can cost less than one big diamond. If you are interested in buying beautiful engagement rings we have a selected list of pavé and other engagement rings from the best online retailers.

Pavé Engagement Ring
Pavé Engagement Ring

Pros and cons of a pave setting

Even though a pavé setting is one of the most beautiful and elegant types of jewelry settings, it requires a bit of caution before buying. Here are is a list of pros and cons about this setting:


  • Increases attention to the center stone dramatically
  • Ideal for price-cautious buyers 
  • Offers a vast variety of designs 
  • Adds a lot of sparkles and shine to the piece of jewelry
  • A more modern type of setting


  • Due to its very delicate prongs there is minimal risk of losing side stones
  • Resizing of pavé rings can be difficult or sometimes impossible
  • Needs a little more attention when it comes to keeping it clean and shiny

Where to buy pave engagement rings online

Purchasing engagement rings online is very convenient and secure today. You can browse a vast catalog of ring designs or configure your very own and unique engagement ring. Classic retailers found in shopping centers or streets usually can’t compete with the product variety and prices of online shops. The jewelry stores listed below are highly reputable and offer a very good price to quality ratio. 

Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers a large inventory of diamonds and ring settings. They have a generous return policy, conflict-free and certified diamonds. Add free shipping and a lifetime warranty into the mix and you have the perfect online store to buy diamond jewelry.

James Allen

James Allen is another shop we highly recommend checking out. This innovative online store was one of the first to offer a 360° view on their rings, making it possible to have a look at your dream-ring from any angle. Free engravings, 24/7 customer service, and financing options are other bonuses that set them apart from other jewelry stores.

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